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A Manual for Identifying and Interpreting Animal Bones from Archaeology Sites, April M. Beisaw

Dictionary of the Middle East, Dilip Hiro (Carroll & Graf)

Little Book of Indoor Golf Games, Adrian Winter (Sourcebooks)

On This Day in History 2010, The History Channel (Sourcebooks)

On This Day in History 2011, The History Channel (Sourcebooks)

Skinny Cocktails, Jaclyn Wilson Foley and Ray Foley (Sourcebooks)

The Happiest Kid on Campus: A Parent’s Guide to the Very Best College Experience, Harlan Cohen (Sourcebooks)

The Ultimate Little Shooter Book, Ray Foley (Sourcebooks)

Unreliable Truth: Turning Memory into Memoir, Maureen Murdock (Carroll & Graf)

UPI Stylebook: The Authoritative Handbook for Writers, Editors & News Directors, 4th ed. (Potomac Books/Brassey’s)

Writing Great Books for Young Adults, Regina L. Brooks (Sourcebooks)


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