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Jill R. Hughes specializes in academic editing.

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, resumes, newsletters, training manuals, marketing brochures, direct mail pieces—if you want to improve any kind of written communication, the editor’s mark can help. Jill R. Hughes has more than 18 years of editing and writing experience, plus a solid background in marketing and education. Her expertise will help you to project the high-quality level of communication you need to attract clients, customers, and readers.

Services include all levels of editing, from correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation to ensuring coherence, logic, consistency, and organization. Playing the reader’s advocate is one of Jill’s specialties. And if rewording or rewriting is necessary, she can handle that for you as well.

Her clients include New York publishers Carroll & Graf, Thunder’s Mouth Press, Marlowe & Company, Nation Books, Bloomsbury USA, as well as Perseus Books Group, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, Sourcebooks, and the U.S. Naval Institute Press. Her academic press clients include University of Alabama Press, University of Illinois Press, Indiana University Press, Princeton University Press, and Wayne State University Press. She has also worked for Matthew Bender/Lexis-Nexis, the tompeters! company,  several advertising agencies, and many independent writers and authors.

If professional, intelligent communication is what you need, please give Jill Hughes a call at (513) 850-6200, or e-mail her at either or


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Curious about rates? It’s difficult to quote a project without seeing the actual text to be edited, but if you’d like an idea of typical price ranges for various publishing-related work, please visit the Editorial Freelancers Association web site at

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  1. Nancy Lightfoot on said:

    This is a really nice resource, Jill, and your page does a good job of highlighting some of your technical strengths. As someone who has worked with you extensively, I might recommend that you also mention your tact, professionalism, and wonderful rapport with authors and clients. Your work is excellent, but the best edits won’t be accepted if they’re not sensitive to the author’s voice and presented with courtesy and a clear explanation of the underlying principles. This is another area where you really stand out, in my experience.

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