the editor's mark

~in the passionate pursuit of literary excellence~


Many, many thanks for a great job. You certainly are picking up details (missed words, verb confusions, bad “Spanglish” phrasing) that I would never have in a million years!

—Dr. José R. Oliver, Caciques and Cemi Idols

Jill Hughes’s expertise at copyediting and fact checking is a towering competence that makes us feel sloppy and unschooled by comparison.

— Boyd Clarke and Ron Crossland, The Leader’s Voice

I had an email from Jose praising Jill’s copyediting and marveling at her skills in fixing his English lapses–which still can be sketchy especially when he is tired, even though he is a Rhodes scholar, National Academy of Sciences fellow, etc. Thanks to Jill.

—Judith Knight, Senior Acquisitions Editor, University of Alabama Press

This was my first book and not one I was very happy to write, and so I am learning a lot about how to be a better and neater scholar from this first time around. I have appreciated your patience and sharp eye. . . . You have been so patient, professional, and wonderful. I so appreciate your work on this book.

—Lisa Keranen, Scientific Characters

I grudgingly LIKE the style that Jill is aiming for. The treatment of ellipses and letter case at the beginning of quotations, is a case in point. She’s made the text less imposing, and I am going to keep it that way. . . . I need also to add that Jill’s stylistic editing is very good, and she’s made real improvements to some of the prose. And I’m always chagrined of course as I keep finding my own original oversights, errors, and inconsistencies. . . . By the way, the contributors have been VERY pleased with your expert, sensitive, and intelligent editing. Thanks!

—Don Haase, Wayne State University Press

Jill’s editing of my first novel (In Plane View, Morris Publishing) exposed several weaknesses that had been largely overlooked, ranging from grammatical errors to plot inconsistencies. She is an intelligent and articulate person, and very professional in her approach to the whole editing process.

— Michael D. McClellan, In Plane View

“Must congratulate you on an excellent and thorough job. I agreed with 95% of your queries. Certainly the most intelligent copy-edit I’ve ever had; none of my British publishers are so meticulous!”

Ironically, I was ghostwriting a book about what happens when people die. The psychic author left me to sort out a rough narrative comprised of a confusing knot of conflicting verb tenses. I left it to Jill—and with wonderful results. She put the problems in the past tense, which made the future . . . perfect.

— Jack Williams, freelance writer

Jill Hughes’s scrupulous editing and heartful feedback allowed the message to be clarified and expressed in a form that is so much more easily read and understood than I could have designed.

— Maggie Victor, The Choice for Love

“Just wanted to let you know: Both the publisher and the author have just been raving about what a great job you did on this book. The publisher wants me to hire you for everything! Thanks!”

As authors who are as well scholars of language and its use, we thank copyeditor Jill R. Hughes, whose focused connoisseurship has made the text more reader-friendly—and saved us from several potentially embarrassing gaffes!

—Michael Lambert and Michael Silverstein, Creatures of Politics

Jill is a great editor. She is experienced, adept at working with authors, and meets her deadlines. I recommend her highly.

—Angela Burton, Indiana University Press

“I truly appreciate your time and patience! Your meticulous editing will make me look very good in print. The work you do is a real art that many probably underestimate. Thank you again, Jill. I am indeed grateful.”

Jill is the best editor I’ve ever worked with in my career. Her work on The Leader’s Voice, a book I helped research and ghost write, was amazing. Her command of the English language is, to be honest, quite humbling. She uncovered errors large and small that most editors would have missed. Quite simply, she’s the best.

—Geoff Thatcher, tompeters company/carat brand experience

Jill is as dedicated to her craft as any engineer or artisan I have ever met. She knows her technical stuff inside and out and brings a creative mind to her projects as well. My writing is improved by her comments and my worries about editing details vanish when she works on my projects.

If you need high quality editing at competitive prices, then contact Jill. She’s the best.

—Ron Crossland, tompeterscompany

Jill Hughes copyedited and proofread several college-level textbooks for me (I am a developmental project editor for a publishing company). Her work was timely, comprehensive, and detail-oriented. I recommend her services to anyone needing editorial assistance.

—Ellen S. Boyne, Anderson Publishing/Lexis-Nexis

“Thanks for doing the caliber of work that assures me my trust in you (and your compulsiveness!—which for an editor is a good thing) is well placed.”

Jill has worked on many manuscripts for me and her editing skills are exceptional. From polishing prose to extensive line editing, I trust Jill to do great work. She is great with deadlines, too.

—Peter Jacoby, Avalon Publishing Group

Jill Hughes has copyedited and proofread a multitude of projects for me over the years. Her work is outstanding, consistent, and comprehensive. She is on my short list of go-to vendors and I can rely on her ability to always produce quality work, while still maintaining very tight schedules. Highly recommended.

—Vince Kunkemueller, Avalon Publishing Group


Typos, poor syntax, oddball punctuation, bad grammar, inconsistency… Do not try to hide from Jill Hughes. She will find you, and she will destroy you!

As a holder of a Black Belt in Typo Do, I can say without hesitation that Jill has consistently kept my projects at their verbal best. Something my clients appreciate as much as I do. A terrific editor and proofreader, and oh so easy to work with.

—Steve Greenblatt, Greenblatt Creative, Inc.

Jill was an insightful voice for a book that will be published about my brother’s struggles to overcome cancer. She helped give the piece a cohesive style without obliterating Bill’s voice. A very delicate dance done well.

—Ellen LaNicca, Owner, CRt/tanaka

Just wanted to thank you for the great job of editing. Sometimes editors can be a little heavy-handed, but every change you made was for the better. Thanks for improving my book. It was fun to go over the edited manuscript because I have just finished reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves. I see that you’re of the Oxford style when it comes to commas. Me too.

—Curtis Badger, The Wild Coast

Jill was a close friend of my brother, Bill LaNicca. She assisted Bill in the writing of his book, The Other Side of the Bridge and How I Got There. This was about my brother’s childhood battles with cancer. The final draft was read by my entire family on the day Bill passed away 7/14/07. My brother was not a writer, more a storyteller. Jill was able to put the stories into a form that conveys hope for children suffering from this terrible illness. . . . Jill’s professionalism in doing this project while watching a close friend come to the end of his days is special.

—George LaNicca, Owner, Specialty Packaging


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