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So you wanna be an editor . . .

Here’s the outlook for the editorial profession from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


What You Need to Know about Self-Publishing

There are some great thoughts in this article. Pay special attention to number 16.

Style and Grammar, or Why Lots of Things Aren’t “Wrong”

A good blog post about the differences between style manuals and grammar guides:

Live at Book Expo America!

Be part of BookExpo America 2012 by watching streaming video live during the event!

Why America Needs Copy Editors

Copy editors provide a safety net for a publication, catching most of the problematic stuff dropped from above. They are a curious breed: trivia experts, steeped in popular culture (helpful for pun headlines, none of which Google gets), usually voracious readers, often unappreciated.
A copy editor’s work is largely invisible, until she misses something, in which case she takes the blame. But most important is that a copy editor stands in for the reader, gingerly reshaping, clarifying and correcting things before the reader can see them and post an excoriating comment.

Read the full article here:

Self-Published $$ > Traditional Publishing $$

Is this a trend? Or a fluke?

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