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Why Hire an Editor?

Clear, effective communication is essential for getting your message across to your readers. And a professional editor can help you to create such communication. An editor not only corrects punctuation, spelling, and grammar but also improves the organization, readability, and flow of the words you’ve put together. An editor can also check for redundancies and suggest words that have more impact.

Mistakes in the written word can be costly in more ways than one. A professional editor helps you avoid mistakes and achieve your communication goals, no matter what type of document you have written.

An editor can help you with

  • abstracts
  • academic articles and theses
  • adaptations
  • annual reports
  • anthologies
  • articles
  • books and book proposals
  • book reviews
  • brochures, fliers, and booklets
  • business letters and other communications
  • business plans
  • catalogs
  • comedy writing
  • editorials
  • encyclopedias
  • government publications
  • grant proposals
  • magazines
  • manuals
  • medical and science writing
  • memoirs and family histories
  • newsletters
  • newspapers
  • playscripts
  • poetry
  • presentations and speeches
  • press kits and press releases
  • radio and television materials
  • scholarly journals
  • technical manuals
  • trade journals
  • transcriptions
  • video and film scripts
  • Web sites and Internet materials
  • white papers

Curious about rates? It’s difficult to quote a project without seeing the actual text to be edited, but if you’d like an idea of typical price ranges for various publishing-related work, please visit the Editorial Freelancers Association web site at


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